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The way of the iron ore

The theater group Tornedalsteatern/Tornionlaakson teatteri works to enhance the interest for the culture and language (meänkieli) of people living in Torndealen, close to the border between Finland and Sweden. The group is a mix of amateurs and professionals doing very professional productions.

Their latest project is a theater called Malmens väg/Malmin tie/Málmma geaidnu (the way of the ore) and is about the role of the iron ore mines in the north. Organizing rocks is part of the day program in Luleå (August 18) and in Kiruna (August 24), lecturing about the project.

A great way to start the new semester!

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The area, the book and the theater are all great:-) Looking forward to your visit up north!

Tornedalen reminds me a great and magical atmosphere I found in a book “Popular music from Vittula” by Mikael Niemi. I would like to visit this region, especially Pajala, as well as to join performance by Tornedalsteatern!

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