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The Sound

We meet a young woman, she has been working in the mine for about three years. She is moving to the new level at 1365 metres. When the workshop moved down she tells us that she got a bit afraid. At 1365 the sound of the mountain is more vicious. So, how can we account for her story? We turned to music. One output is “The Sound”, a song written and performed by Tommy Jensen (except drum-looping). No pictures are added, but click here for the sound file (lyrics below):

A hundred and twenty years of mining

Man and his machines drills deeper and deeper

Layer after layer are excavated

Parts of the mountain’s inner composition collapses

It’s getting warmer, wetter, but the sound

The sound

775 meters it creeks in high pitch

1365 it profoundly moans in a deep voice

Will it strike back?

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Vi fick det inte att funka riktigt med inläggsbilden så nu ligger ljudfilen i själva inlägget. Hoppas det blir bra!

Grymt bra men synd att musiken inte går igång när man klickar på den vackra bilden.

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