Kiruna Storyteller Worker

Storyteller #36 – ears, eyes, chest

Next storyteller works underground and in a conversation (from 2015) with us asks about our ‘bodily’ experiences from being underground.

I can imagine for you guys, when you got back up, did you felt swollen? Did you feel something like that? Like heavy, as if your head is full of cotton and…

We were down for three hours and we were in the works for four hours yesterday. It’s our experiences from the mine so far.

Well, you get a pain in your eyes and you feel like a pressure. And I know when I go down, and I’ve heard this from several others, when we go below, well, what should I say, somewhere around 1170 [level, underground], it’s also along road 22, when you get down then it starts to crack a little more in your ears, down there. Then a bit more pressure starts building up, and then you get tired, and swollen fingers, and sometimes I can actually feel a bit in the chest, the heart and the like, but not anymore.

Does it let go as soon as you get up? Do you have to move around or does it stay?

No, it’s usually eases off when you’ve been down there for a while, but it’s just when you go down. Once you’ve been there, it passes, it’s not something you even think about. When it pinches you, you feel ‘well okay’. Then sometimes you get a terrible headache, but that also depends on how much gas there is down there.