Kiruna LKAB Storyteller Worker

Storyteller #19 – youth and work-life career in rural communities

Next storyteller, from the Swedish case, on living in a remote, small community and finding work in the mine:

Where are you born?

40 kilometres from Karesuando and 220 kilometres from Kiruna.

How did you end up here?

I had to start the gymnasium and, well, then you automatically end up here. A lot of commuting, from the village to the town, to the village again.

You lived here [in Kiruna] during the weeks then?


How did you end up in the mine?

I was a pupil on the LKAB gymnasium and then you automatically get summer practice, and then when I graduated I ended up below ground.


What will you do in 5 years time, do you work here?

Don’t know. I was recently travelling [—], then I felt that I could work here for the rest of my life. [—] I was homesick, and even missed my work. [—] I don’t now if it will be the same workplace, but at least somewhere in LKAB. [—] I think it’s good to work for LKAB, but it is hard to compare. Maybe I think this way because I have not experienced any-other employer.

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