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Free spirits (no more lies)

So, we’ve written another song: ”Free spirits (no more lies)”. As we see it, the people we meet in Kiruna are inspiring. Their responses trigger other senses than the research mind. Their stories, the way they tell them, the way they invite us. We are lucky.

Music is a way for us to use our artistic license as researchers. This means that the song is not up for a scientific review. It’s an invitation to you; to associate, to feel, to get pictures in your mind, maybe even to sing and dance. The melody and the lyrics – sung by two guest vocalists – are based on a mix of impressions, from a variety of people, and – scary thought – some words are included simply because they have a good rhythm to them!

Guest vocalists: Erik Björkén and Molly Jensen.
Lyrics and photos: Johan Sandström
Music, all instruments and production: Tommy Jensen

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