Iron Kiruna LKAB

Four days in Kiruna

We’re in the middle of a heavy snowstorm. Trains are not running, visibility on the roads is lousy, but the pilots in the airplanes report great flying conditions! Different realities to say the least, just as being above and under ground in Kiruna perhaps.

The first project trip to Kiruna, a four days visit, starts off with a four hour tour in the visitors’ mine, 540 metres under ground, and above ground, among the plants. The visitors’ mine constitutes a museum as well as a presentation of contemporary mining, making you travel both in space and time. It’s a unique place for sure, presenting us with a mixed feeling of being amazed of what man can do (the tool-maker, homo Faber, 1365 meters is the new main level) and of the contrast to the beautiful high mountain landscape in which it sits.

After our tour, we shoot some film of the surrounding environment (we’re not allowed to shoot in the mine), but the weather conditions are not great:

The mine and main office.

We also make some interviews, but more on that later!