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Storyteller #21 – mine and society

Our next storyteller is a woman, grown up in the Kiruna area and now working for a supplier to the Kiruna mine. During our conversation we discussed all kinds of topics related to the mine and to work. Below, we’ve selected two quotes from her thoughts on the mine and society: If you would put words on the relation between you and the mine? What does it [the mine] do to […]

Storyteller #13 – smoke and sustainability

Storyteller #13 is a woman, working in a white-collar position. We asked: – When you look at the mine, what kind of images do you get (in your head)? – When you come back from the mountains, we’re very often in the mountains to ski, so when we drive back into town, then you have the view of the (the old) open pit and the backside of the works, which […]

Undermining gender

Johan has read “Mining coal and undermining gender: rhythms of work and family in the American west” by Jessica Smith Rolston (Rutgers University Press, 2014). Here are some of his reflections: At the outset of our project we knew that gender would play an important role, particularly given the history and context of the Kiruna mine (also for the Saskatchewan-case). There’s almost a mythology around the miner, a man of few […]

Storyteller #2 – leaving, coming, staying

Our second storyteller is a woman, living in Kiruna, working above ground. Here’s a story about leaving, coming to, staying in Kiruna: – Well, if you live up here, if you stay here, first of all, you like to be outdoors in nature. There’s no high-life, there is no shopping here. This is a probably why of all the youths growing up here, it’s often the girls who move out, […]

Mining capitalism

We’re reflecting on the book Mining capitalism (University of California Press, 2014) by Stuart Kirsch, professor of anthropology at the University of Michigan. We’ve mentioned this book before, but thought we’d dedicate a post on why we see it as relevant and useful to Organizing rocks. First of all, it’s a very encompassing book, targeting the relationship between corporations and their critics, between capitalist modes of production and critics of it, a dialectical […]

Mining capitalism and corporate ethnography

Below, please find a text by Stuart Kirsch, professor of anthropology at the University of Michigan, author of (among many other texts) Mining capitalism (University of California Press, 2014): “Response to Organizing Rocks blog Many thanks for engaging with the discussion in Mining Capitalism about corporate ethnography. The question of attachment to the subject or object of scientific research is even broader than our immediate concern: we tend to develop […]

Blast (gotta move)

“Blast (gotta move)” is a song about the anxiety of knowing what you have but not what you get, of trying to act collectively but faced with separate negotiations, with not knowing whether or not to afford what the market-conditions dictate, with up-rooting children if leaving Kiruna town is the only viable solution, about having to leave the beautiful scenery appearing outside the kitchen window, about the state withdrawing, leaving movement of […]

Kiruna you maggot

Another song, this time about Kiruna and the Kirunamine, and about people’s perceptions. Lyrics by Johan Sandström, but all else (music, instruments and vocals) by Tommy Jensen.   Kiruna you maggot Kiruna you maggot Blowing in my face Sucking my cheeks Icing my shoes Where is the sun Vampire mosquitoes The melting ice The days that never end Bring it on Let your warm winds Wash over me Tell the […]

We the north

Another song from the project. Lyrics by Johan Sandström, but all the rest (music, song, production) by Tommy Jensen.   We the north The story of the north A seeping flow A one-way road By truck, river, train Left is what was All else down the drain Who decides, who says Who knows Who stays To find out, to decide The strategy of the rest Reaping the one-way tide It’s […]

Ronja III

Here is the third letter from Ronja. First in original, in Swedish, and then a translation by us into English. I väntan på bussen som ska ta mig till byn så sitter det en tjej med rosa hår brevid mig, hon frågar mig ifall jag också är påväg till Karesuando. Ja, säger jag och så börjar vi prata med varann. Hon är från Stockholm och är här för att vandra […]