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Blast (gotta move)

“Blast (gotta move)” is a song about the anxiety of knowing what you have but not what you get, of trying to act collectively but faced with separate negotiations, with not knowing whether or not to afford what the market-conditions dictate, with up-rooting children if leaving Kiruna town is the only viable solution, about having to leave the beautiful scenery appearing outside the kitchen window, about the state withdrawing, leaving movement of […]

Goffman and the Wolfpack

“How long would it take for me to know what’s really going on here?”, I asked. “About three to four months”, the worker answered. I looked at my watch. Twenty hours to go before my flight back to Saskatoon. It takes time to get to know the social codes of a wolfpack. Arriving, staying at and leaving the McArthur River mine site, I kept thinking of the sociological opportunity to study […]

Resistance: A tit for a butt

A small story – but so strong! A girl meets boys, in a boyzone, and their pin-up calendars in the coffee room under ground. What to do, except for complaining to the boys and the organization? Well, after some attempts, this girl decided to have her own calendars at display down the mine. Male, naked, hunks (we assume, haven’t seem them). A sort of resistance. If this is a good […]


“No hands in the mine” – a Utopian tale driven by technological advances, but also very much a real thing, something that is happening in the world of mining. It is thus not something that only belongs to the visionary, it is also very strategic and concrete. Over time, there are less hands in the mine as miners are replaced by machines or moved to control rooms above ground, joysticking […]

A song for Saskatchewan (and La Loche)

After Johan’s first visit to Saskatchewan in June 2015, he wrote a lyrics and a basic chords structure for a song. The song was more or less a way to digest some of his impressions from walking and meeting people along 20th street in Saskatoon. For some reason, however, the lyrics came to him in Swedish… He sent the stuff to Tommy, who arranged the song and we recorded the […]

The rhythms of the mine are those of rock’n roll

Please welcome another guest blogger, management professor Monika Kostera. Monika uses poetry to capture our project: Tune in! Hear the underground humming, hear the rumble of darkness, the dungeons abuzz Join in! Growl the chorus, dance the machines It’s all right, we know where you’ve been This is ethnography of the heart and bone, it resonates with the ribcage, makes you stomp the resistance: We are all miners, we will […]

Opening black boxes

Please find the second comment from guestblogger Michal Zawadzki: With the popular metaphor developed by Bruno Latour, one could say that neoliberalization of the contemporary academia too often brings down lecture halls in the universities and business schools to the level of ‘black boxes’: discourses closed to criticism, where interpretations of the reality authoritatively imposed by the teacher are reproduced. This situation stays in contradiction to the cultural mission of […]

What local people? Us local people!

The two sisters Maxida och Mimie Märak were the source of inspiration for this song by Tommy. Their energy in the (as shown in a four episodes documentary broadcasted by the Swedish state television, SVT) made it necessary to grab the pen and the guitar. Please find a proper stereo to play it; if you use a telephone, then at least use headphones. In the documentary (episode 2), The Sápmi […]

A beauty of management in music

Meet Michał Zawadzki, an invited academic guest blogger. The “Organizing Rocks” project reminds me the differences between Polish and Swedish university culture. Many distinguished academics in Poland wouldn’t believe that professor‘s on business schools composes songs related to management, and that they also sing. But in this project its done. Breaking the taboo of seriousness of management science, the Organizing rocks project promotes our discipline and allows us to feel […]

Kiruna you maggot

Another song, this time about Kiruna and the Kirunamine, and about people’s perceptions. Lyrics by Johan Sandström, but all else (music, instruments and vocals) by Tommy Jensen.   Kiruna you maggot Kiruna you maggot Blowing in my face Sucking my cheeks Icing my shoes Where is the sun Vampire mosquitoes The melting ice The days that never end Bring it on Let your warm winds Wash over me Tell the […]

We the north

Another song from the project. Lyrics by Johan Sandström, but all the rest (music, song, production) by Tommy Jensen.   We the north The story of the north A seeping flow A one-way road By truck, river, train Left is what was All else down the drain Who decides, who says Who knows Who stays To find out, to decide The strategy of the rest Reaping the one-way tide It’s […]


Johan has been working on a song called Roots. The text and the chord structure for the verses were done. Reinventing the chorus and the arrangement, we decided to record it while in Kiruna. We finished the song at the hotel room (a computer, a microphone, and Mikael Jonasson’s acoustic guitar). Play Roots here: Lyrics: Johan Sandström Music: Tommy Jensen and Johan Sandström Acoustic guitar: Tommy Jensen Vocals: Tommy Jensen and Johan Sandström […]

After method

Here is a song about how we think and live method (lyrics and music: Tommy Jensen). After method (The John Law song) What is a labour process? Where does it begin and end? Who and what does it contain? Where does it appear? And who are loosing out? What is power? Is it power over? Is it power through? Or power with? Or all of the above? Rather be a stigmatic […]

Metal machine emotions

Listen to a song about having feelings for a machine by clicking the bar below: The lyrics appears at the end of the text below. What is the greatest divide created by science? One candidate must be the division between body and mind. This division has ever since Rene Descartes marked the superiority of rationality and the inferiority of the body and its related sensations (such as emotions, pleasures, pain). Organization theory is […]