Michal Music Researcher

A beauty of management in music

Meet Michał Zawadzki, an invited academic guest blogger.

The “Organizing Rocks” project reminds me the differences between Polish and Swedish university culture. Many distinguished academics in Poland wouldn’t believe that professor‘s on business schools composes songs related to management, and that they also sing. But in this project its done. Breaking the taboo of seriousness of management science, the Organizing rocks project promotes our discipline and allows us to feel the atmosphere of a research project about the mines at the same time. Will academia ever learn such a kind of openness? We need to recognize the beauty of the organization and the people who create it, refusing the mask of functionalism and economic efficiency, which are treated too often as a recipe for organizational success. It is high time to discover the essence of management processes that lies in passion, distance and humor: uniquely human traits, not reducible to either economy or academic degrees.

Michał Zawadzki is a PhD and postdoctoral Researcher at Gothenburg Research Institute.


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