Kiruna Storyteller Worker

Storyteller #1 – technology development

Our first storyteller is a man from Kiruna and who used to work underground with drilling in the late 1970s. Here’s a story from working the morning shift back then:

– When you came up, above ground, during Winter, it was dark. That’s how you lived. But, technology and work environment, technology development, that was the topic we talked about during our breaks. Our fantasies about the future were that you could be inside a cabin and it’ll all be isolated so that you could have a coffee machine and listen to cassette tapes. You laughed at it then, that was just…

– It was visionary, it was utopian, or…

– But three years later, they had implemented it. These drill rigs arrived. They were built-in. And then there was a drill cassette where all drills were in a cassette so that you didn’t have to go out and change them manually, only when they got stuck. So it came very fast, technology development.

– Did you loose people then? I mean…

– In numbers… No, we didn’t.

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