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Another article…

This might be a post more towards fellow academics and more in tune with what we, as academics, are supposed to do today – publish articles!

As for more ‘scientific deliveries’ we’ve promised two articles and a book from the project. One article (the one about Kiruna) is already out for review and today we managed to submit the second article, the one about the Canadian case. Let’s hope the editor and the reviewers find the article interesting enough to offer it to the readers of the journal. We’ll be able to tell more about what it is about once it has made it through this, or X number of other, review process!

Oh, by the way, we must confess that submitting a paper on a Friday, before embarking on the weekend, is not a bad feeling, particularly for us who have spent more time doing empirics and writing blog posts than working on producing scientific articles.

Oh, by the way, the book will be in Swedish… It’s been decided now. Finally. We think.

Have a nice weekend – rock on!